Annotated Bibliography on Nutrition and Similar Topics

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1. Shelton, A. M., Zhao, J. Z., & Roush, R. T. (2002). Economic, ecological, food safety, and social consequences of the deployment of Bt transgenic plants. Annual review of entomology, 47(1), 845-881. This paper do the research on the potential ecological and human health consequences of Bt plants, including effects on nontarget organisms, food safety, and the development of resistant insect populations. And it get the alternative insect management strategies. It turns out that scientists do not have full knowledge of the risks and benefits of any insect management strategies. The Bt plants has great benefit. This essay provides a multiple angle of research and view on one specific type of transgenic plant which give us a overall concept. It not only focuses on the food safety, but also study the influence on economic, ecological and social consequence. By this article, we can get a perspective of one type of transgenic plant. And we can see this issue is still under discussion. 2. Gayen, D., Sarkar, S. N., Datta, S. K., & Datta, K. (2013). Comparative analysis of nutritional compositions of transgenic high iron rice with its non-transgenic counterpart. Food chemistry, 138(2), 835-840. This research aims on the comparison of the brown and milled rice grain has been compared with that of the non-transgenic rice of the same variety in nutritional composition. In this study, the nutritional components, as well as the anti-nutrient levels, were measured. And it established that apart from the increased level of iron and zinc in transgenic seeds. This paper research on the different angle that the comparative analysis of the nutritional compositions of the two types of corn. It provides us a view of one of the... ... middle of paper ... ...enetic engineering is obvious and reasonable. 10. Evans, J. H. (2002). Playing god?: Human genetic engineering and the rationalization of public bioethical debate. University of Chicago Press. There is always debate over human genetic engineering. Disputes over human genetic engineering concern the means for achieving assumed ends, rather than being a healthy discussion about the ends themselves. This book not only explores how decisions about the ethics of human genetic engineering are made, but also shows how the structure of the debate has led to the technological choices we now face. It is the ultimate question we will face. We have already create many things we want, and we even can rebuilt organs for the wounded. It is not even a problem of science and technology——which we can easily do nowadays. But the problem is, What we want to see in the future?

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