Black Lives Matter Reflection Paper

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SYNOPSIS A police Chef named Mike Halstead in North Carolina went into early retirement, for his posting on Facebook. The police chef posted about how the “Black Lives Matter” protester groups were terrorists. He went on to say how if a white person was shot by a black cop, or an officer was shot then no one would care. The media wouldn’t report it. He states that the only reason that the media is all over the unarmed African American teens are killed is because the president is black himself. He told his officers to shoot someone if they felt they were in harm and then ask questions once the perpetrator was dead. When he was terminated or early retirement, he then again took to Facebook to say that he was disrespected and that he would be…show more content…
How everything they do or say will be seen. That officers should lead more of a “perfect” life than the average citizen. Mike most likely knew all these things, as I believe it is instill when you are first hired. He knew that people would see his Facebook posts and would be talked about. He thought that the police department would stick by him and let him do what he wanted. But as any kind of officer you have to be transparent and totally open and honest with the public. You also need to stay on the public’s side of things. Which is what his police department ultimately chose to do. They chose to stay with the public and keep is open and honest about the…show more content…
I get that everyone has their own beliefs are you are entitled to that by all means. But you cannot just go around telling everyone and using your power to make people follow your beliefs. It’s wrong and you can’t do that. It’s highly unfair and extremely rude. You cannot be judging someone just because they don’t look like you. If the offended you or you know them and the treated you badly then sure go right ahead you have every right. But if you don’t know they and you’re judging them by the colour of their skin or a stereotype. Then it says more about your character then it does them.
As an officer he shouldn’t have posted about any of that on Facebook. It’s going to be seen. Especially in today’s world where everything you put on social media will be seen and someone can screenshot it. So even if you delete it, it’s always out their somewhere. Or they share it and even more people will now see it. He should apologize to the people he offended.
I can prevent this from happening to me, by not having social media. Which is very simple since I do not have a Facebook. But if I do choose to have a Facebook, I can make sure not to post any personal beliefs or anything that could offended the public. Stay neutral. Make sure that everyone that I post or is posted about me is appropriate and that it isn’t going to make anyone worry about my ability to do my
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