Black Lives Matter Movement: The Uprising Of Police Brutality

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The Uprising of Police Brutality
Police brutality is a term that most Americans are well informed about currently due to the several cases in which police are abusing their power. Police officers are supposed to be people who are keeping us safe in our communities and our homes. Yet today, they are the people that Americans are most afraid of. Police brutality is the use of excessive force by police officers when dealing with civilians. Due to police brutality, several Americans are losing their lives due to this ongoing problem that is happening in our country today. Activists against police brutality are beginning to protest this issue. Police officers abuse their given authority by the use of excessive force by officers when dealing with
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Many protest have begun due to the several upsetting cases of police brutality involving African-American, for example, the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The systematic racism that all Americans face has led to racial concerns and issues in the United States. But due to the fact that not only are African-American lives being taken, all races are facing this problem. In response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, groups of people have started the movement that “All Lives Matter”. The “All Lives Matter” movement was a response in which spread the word that not just African-American lives matter, but that all lives matter when discussing the deaths from police brutality. Although, this response movement was deemed incredibly racist and ignorant to not only African-Americans, but to several other races as…show more content…
Earning a police badge in some states requires only a fraction of the number of training hours demanded by other professions. In one comparison, cosmetologists and barbers were required to train twice to three times as long as police officers (Chaney, Cassandra, and Robertson, Ray). Cops must be well trained in avoiding implicit bias, so they don’t dehumanize the public they serve. Advancement of training and knowledge in hostile situations is mandatory in order to maintain a safe community and

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