Black Holes and My Love for Astronomy

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When I was growing up there were things in life that always seemed to fascinate me. Most of them were usually science based. Things like elements on the periodic table, where did the stars come from and what lies at the end of the universe? I think the one question that always had my attention was what is a black hole. I can remember asking my parents when I was at about the age of eight or nine what a black hole was, and what was its purpose. Like most people, not really knowing themselves what a black hole was they kind of made up some wild crazy story hoping that I was to young to know the difference between fact or fiction. Later on in life I found myself still being driven by a lot of the same questions. Science to this day still remains as one of my favorite subjects, especially when it comes to astronomy. Finally, once I reached college I was able to take classes that interested me and that could answer a lot of my own questions. One question that I focused on a lot was were do black holes come from, how do they function and what drives them. Since having taken an astronomy class and researching the phenomenon of a black hole, I now have a much better idea and understanding of them. Believe it or not they can they can be easily explained. To start out, I want to put to rest a common myth about black holes. One that I was often told about as a child was that they are like a cosmic vacuum going around sucking up any and everything in it’s path. This is not true, but if an objects orbit should take its self close enough to the event horizon of a black hole then it would be unable to get out because of the intense gravitational pull. The origin of the name black hole comes from the idea that a black hole is a one way deal,... ... middle of paper ... ...e collapsing will be so dramatically compressed by the gravitational force that its density and gravitational field will become boundless. Some other theories are that maybe a black hole could be the gateway to another universe or that a black hole turns into a way for time travel, there has even been the idea of that what is being sucked in is then used for the creation of new matter. Either way there is not enough evidence for scientist to support these ideas with and since we it can not actually be observed what is really taking place beyond the event horizon of a black hole all we are able to do for now is wonder. Unfortunately for me I prefer to base my knowledge off of fact and not on someone’s theories, in my opinion a theory is know different than guessing. So while I was able to answer some of my questions I developed a whole new set of new ones.

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