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Overview SDI was founded by Bo Haeberle, Glen Thomas and Ed Welsh in October 1998. Their company manufactures and markets a high-end, squirrel resistant bird feeder call Solar Feeder. The founder’s bird feeder is designed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder by delivers a mild non-lethal shock to a squirrel without causing the same shock to a bird using the feeder. Despite having plenty of customers and winning numerous awards, SDI cannot seem to get their finances in order and turn out a profit because of this the founders are reconsider the existing strategy. Issues Identification The first issue facing SDI is its inability to meet its quota and sales due to the high level of difficulty in creating the product. As stated by Scott manufacturing …show more content…

The first indicator is that as of right now it cost SDI $100 to produce one birdfeeder but it has been estimated that the birdfeeder’s can be produce for a low as 50 to 80 dollars. Again having production difference that high can be deadly for any business because SDI is so far off from manufacturing at costs that are at acceptable levels. One of the causes for this may be the high amount of throw away and time spent having to fix and adjust parts that simply do not fit. The cause this is not because the individual piece or complicated or hard to make, in fact most of the piece are easy to produce its just the pieces have to be very exact in order for the pieces to fit. SDI currently has multiple supplies producing all the part for the birdfeeders but because of the lack of uniformity SDI is put under even more strain and difficulty when trying to assemble the product. Simply put every problem they face is a logical nightmare and is one of the main causes for SDI financial …show more content…

By superior we mean that it is the only product in the market that is squirrel proof that also still has the aesthetic look of a regular birdfeeder. Because most of the squirrel proof birdfeeders do not look anything like a traditional birdfeeder or do but are not efficient at keeping away squirrels. Also this product is highly acclaimed within the birdwatcher community winning multiple awards and has been featured in multiple magazines. The other benefit of SDI is that these products are sought after and there is clearly a market for it birdfeeders because SDI never having trouble finding orders for its birdfeeders. The fact that there is no other birdfeeder on the market like the one SDI produce is one of the few things holding up the company during these tough

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