Nonaggressive Squirrel

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In order for this behavior to be demonstrated by the squirrels being observed they would have to be highly related. This is due to the fact that when kinship is factored into the normal cost/benefit model there are additional benefits to cooperating simply due to relatedness. Due to this I believe that if one were to make an example matrix the box for cooperate/cooperate would equate to a win-win scenario for both groups of squirrels while in the defect/defect box it would be a lose-lose situation. However when you consider the cooperate/defect boxes I believe that it would be a lose-win since the squirrels that choose to cooperate would be put into a disadvantageous situation. Especially, if they were left to alert predators without the help …show more content…

The nonaggressive squirrels have the same matrix as discussed in the previous problem however, it has probably started to collapse because while the two groups of nonaggressive squirrels may attempt to cooperate and offer the same level of aid it is not possible when under attack by both another type of squirrels and predators. This means that the matrix between he aggressive squirrels and that of the predators or nonaggressive squirrels resembles one common when looking at the hawk-dove strategy. When the matrix is dove/dove it is a win-big lose situation because they nonaggressive squirrels or the predators live when there is no fighting and the aggressive squirrels lose if they do not fight. If its hawk/dove it is big lose – big win with the nonaggressive and predators dying and the aggressive claiming land, food, and intimidation rights. When it is hawk/hawk it is a lose- win scenario because even if they choose to fight the nonaggressive and predators do not stand a chance in the long run and the aggressive squirrels get to fight thus they win. The big win from prior is due to the fact that the aggressive squirrels win big by not cooperating between groups and only doing so within their

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