Bipolar Disorder Case Study

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Bipolar disorder (BD) is a very complex mental illness that results in substantial cost, both at a personal and societal level. It is a chronic psychiatric condition typically characterized by recurring episodes of depression and mania or hypomania (Goodwin & Jamison, 2007). Treatment for bipolar disorder is a combination of mood stabilizer drugs, antidepressants and self-management. To be successful at self managing this condition patients need to focus on two keys concepts – stay well and having strategies to stay well. Patients need to accept their diagnosis, educating themselves on their illness, identifying triggers, recognizing warning signs, managing sleep and stress, making lifestyle changes and have treatment support.
Bipolar disorder
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Frank and others (Ehlers, Frank, Kupfer, 1998; Frank, 2007; Healy & Waterhouse, 1995) argued that keeping rhythmic features of social environment (such as the timing of sleep, eating and exercise) are the significant components of human circadian entrainment, and disruption of these habits challenge the circadian clock.
Daily mood monitoring should be incorporated into the routine clinical management of bipolar disorder (Goodwin, 2003; Sachs, Printz, Kahn, Carpenter, & Docherty, 2000). You can accomplish mood monitoring by using a daily logbook of how you are feeling throughout the day and make sure that you take that information with you to your doctor appointments. It is a helpful aid in helping the doctor manage your medication and make adjustments as
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Divorce, marital conflict, social isolation, core confidant relationships and problems with their relationships are a big problem with the social groups that a patient has is not educated and willing to be their as your support. The patient has to be willing to change the people that they are around and make choices to have a strong support them. Your support team needs to be able to see signs of your mood and personality changes. Bipolar mania or depression may set in suddenly and getting care immediately could be the difference between life and

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