Biography of Ethan Allen

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Ethan Allen was born on January 10, 1737 in Litchfield, Connecticut. In response to his father’s desire for freedom of religion, his family relocated to Cornwall, Connecticut shortly after his own birth. After his father’s death in 1755, Allen was forced to give up his Bible studies, which he excelled at, being able to quote Bible passages while also being able to give them meaning. A mere two years later, in 1757, he became a volunteer soldier in the French and Indian War. His reason for joining was in response to French movements in the British colonies. Before he and his unit managed to reach Fort William Henry, he received word that the fort had fallen under enemy control, and as a result, his unit turned back. Although the war would rage on for another several years, Allen left military service in favor of land speculation, or farming. He would continue to tend to his farm until the year 1762, when he became a partial owner of an iron forge at Salisbury, Connecticut.
According to stories written by his brother Ira Allen, Ethan was the “ultimate woodsman. He could catch deer by chasing them until they collapsed in exhaustion.” (Page #1, Schlesigner) Another popular legend written by Ira about the woodsman was referred as “among the greatest hazards” of his adventurous life. It refers to a time when Ethan Allen was hiking through the woods when he got caught in cold rain. With sunset came a blizzard and his damp clothing became frozen to his body. Knowing that falling asleep would mean certain death, he kept moving. “So he marked out a circle in the snow, which he trudged around and around, all through the dark hours. Ethan staggered and fell more than once. Each time, he forced himself to continue marching, which saved his li...

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...unt Cemetery in Burlington, with many people who arrived at his funeral considering him “their champion.”

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