Biography Of Aaron Burr

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Aaron Burr, Colonel in Revolutionary War, Lawyer, New York Attorney General, 2nd Vice President of the United States and Traitor? Aaron Burr Jr. was born in Newark, New Jersey on February 6th, 1756 to a wealthy and known Family. Burr’s father was a Presbyterian minister who believed that God himself was the Supreme authority in the universe which therefore was against the monarchy in England. His was father was also the president of the College of New Jersey which was later renamed Princeton University. Burr’s grandfather Jonathan Edwards was also Presbyterian Minister during the time of the Great Awakening in the colonies. Burr, by the age of 12 had lost both his parents and was taken in by his wealthy uncle Timothy Edwards. As a child Burr was smart beyond his age which showed in all of his work. At the age of 11 he applied to the College of New Jersey and was denied entry, he tried again later at the age of 13 and was accepted. He soon after graduated from the college at the age of 17 with a degree in law although taking some courses in theology, which was the same study as both his father and grandfather, took. He graduated summa cum laude, graduating in the highest honor and at the top of his class. After graduating from the College of New Jersey in 1772 he moved around a bit to figure out what he wanted to do. In 1774 he moved to Litchfield, Connecticut to study law under his brother-in-law but couldn’t finish he studies because the American Revolution had already begun in the colonies. When the revolution first began, Burr at the age of 19, started his military career as a volunteer during Benedict Arnolds march to Quebec in the fall of 1775 and then transferred to General Montgomery’s force in Canada. Burr... ... middle of paper ... ...od could have possibly come from it, either he would have died or by killing an influential character in Hamilton he destroyed his entire political career. He now is known as one of the most infamous people in American history along with others such as Benedict Arnold. I believe that Aaron Burr did commit misdemeanors and did betray his country to an extant due to that he did things the wrong way. This is so because what Burr was trying to do in the early 1800s with Texas happened later on when Texas revolted from Spanish rule and later became part of the United States. He should’ve done what he planned to do with the Spanish territories with the consent of President Jefferson but having the personality that Burr had, he wasn’t able to do so. I believe that Burr was just too hot headed and radical to be a leader and that why he is portrayed the way he is today.
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