Bioengeneering: Improving Health and Lifestyle for Humans

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The phrase “Nobody is perfect” is appropriately accurate since there are many people who are born without arms, legs, or eventually develop organ failure. Bioengineering helps the people living without or damaged tissues and organs to live a better and comfortable life. Bioengineering will help advance and improve the health of humans by applying biology in engineering. Imagine a world without sick people, or people with deformity. This may be hard to imagine, but with the remarkable inventions and solutions developed and produced by bioengineers, this scenario we can currently only imagine in our heads will hopefully eventually become an ordinary norm. It is crucial to help people who were born with a body that restricts them from doing something everyone else can. They deserve to be able to move and be able to do tasks like every other human being.
There are different types of engineers in the world. There are the engineers that analyze the mechanics of a system that make it function, engineers that apply electricity to improve our daily lives, and then there are engineers who develop solutions to solve human health problems. The term bioengineering contains both the words biology and engineering, meaning that engineering concepts are applied to improve the lives of humans. Bioengineering is the future to improved health and living styles for human beings. I am fond to bioengineering because it improves the living of people who are in a body that cannot satisfy their daily needs of simply walking or moving at ease. I have a friend that is incapable to walk; therefore he will be sitting down in a wheelchair for the rest of his life unless bioengineering will help him finally get up to his feet for the first time of his life. It...

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...m wooden peg legs and hooks to synthetic arms that can move on their own due to movement impulses from their brain.
To reiterate, bioengineering will bring hope to the people who are in need of organ and body replacements in order to live a completed life. They will no longer need to wait weeks, months, or years for transplants that may or may not be given to them on time. Bioengineering will help solve medical problems of human beings using engineering concepts. Bioengineers will not only help the person’s medical complication, but it will also help their mentality, of feeling better about themselves and avoiding suicidal thoughts. I believe that bioengineering will create a new world where transplant lists will be immensely reduced, a world where there will be fewer disabilities, and a world where many lives will be saved. Bioengineering will change the world.
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