Bilingual Education Should be Changed to Immersion

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Bilingual Education Should be Changed to Immersion In Korea, an education for children began to concern about languages such as English and Japanese since developing technologies and cultures unified most countries. I remember studying English and Korean by separating year when I was in a kindergarten and a senior high school. In the kindergarten and senior high school, English importantly were being considered to children with Korean. The name of a program was called, ‘Bilingual education.’ in Korea. Differently, I studied in a junior high school which just used English but Korean. The name of a program was called, ‘immersion.’ After coming to America to study in college, I found that a bilingual education and an immersion such as I also studied in the two different programs were being argued for children in not only Korea and America. Actually, in Korea, many parents of children are supporting immersion programs now. How about America? Are Americans supporting bilingual educations or immersion programs? As I am an experienced person in two different programs, I want to say that not only Korea but also American has to support immersion programs for children. There are several reasons why I support immersion programs. Firstly, I think that an immersion program can quickly teach children who want to learn new languages. In my experience, I learned English as a second language in a junior high school. Most teachers were Americans except some teachers who taught Korean and Chinese, and American teachers taught several subjects such as a math, biology, and geology by English. Most teaching style was immersion programs to children. What made me to support immersion programs when I studied in a junior high school? For instance, when I learned all subjects with English at first time, I was not comfortable because I was not American but Korean. Immersion programs seemed to have a negative reaction to children and parents because students had never listened and studied English before since being in an elementary school. However, after from six month and one year, student’s reaction about immersion programs was changed to a positive point of view. Students began to adjust to study all subjects with English fast. I also was able to acquire studying the subjects fast. For example, when I wrote an essay, I always though and spoke in English.

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