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The chapter “Immigration” by Richard T. Schaefer discusses the immigration status in the United States. The number of immigrants had dramatically changed due to the government policy. The immigration policy changed a lot in the American history such as Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Emergency Quota Act of 1921, and Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.These policies changed the patterns of immigration to the United States. Also, Richard discusses the immigration policy today. The current immigration policies are less restrictive than before, so there are a lot of people can immigrate to the United States. However, there are many debates about the immigration policy today. Some people think that immigrants can benefit the country such…show more content…
When I immigrated to the United States I couldn’t speak any English, so the Department of Education staff sent me to a school which only for the immigrant student and taught student with bilingual education. I only needed to stay in this school for one year because they only introducing student the fundamental English skill and the American culture. After one year, I would transfer to the local high school to continue my high school education but there was no more bilingual education. I believe that bilingual education school is good way for the immigrants to break the language barriers. I still remember that the first school day in the United States I was very afraid and nervous because I didn’t know any English and the American culture. However, when I arrived to the school I found out that there were a lot of student who came from the same country as I was, and some of the instructors could speak Chinese too. I started to not afraid of school and feel excited about my new school life. After I studied in this school for one year, I transfer to a local high school which didn’t have bilingual education, but I didn’t afraid my new school life because I already know how to communicate with other students. A program of bilingual education is a very good program that help immigrants student break the language barriers. As Richard wrote “A major study analyzed more than three decades of research, combining 17 different studies, and found that bilingual education programs produce higher levels of student achievement in reading” (Schaefer, 2015, p.96). However, “Attacks on bilingualism in voting and education have taken several forms and have even broadened to question the appropriateness of U.S. residents using any language other than English” (Schaefer, 2015, p.96). There are a lot of people come to the United States from many countries, and a

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