Bilberry Supplements: The Benefits Of Blberry Supplements

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he benefits of bilberry also known as huckleberries is a small shrub found in Europe and grown in many other countries. During world war 2, pilots were given bilberry jam to help improve their vision at night. In spite of this, studies have since found eating the fruit as a jam does not help boost night vision. However, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer and suffer eye fatigue, you may find relief taking bilberry supplements. Many people will take bilberry lutein supplements for their eyes. I even gave the supplements to my dog when she developed 'cherry eye'. It is a very safe herb to take. Eat frozen or fresh bilberries for over 1 month or more may help with weight loss. The recommended amount to eat is around 100 grams.…show more content…
Bilberry Supplements When you buy bilberry supplements make sure it contains 25 percent or more of anthocyanosides. This is the active ingredient you need to look for.bilberry supplements You will see this ingredient on the bottle or packet, it may say, standardised to contain anthocyanosides. Or, it will just say 25% anthocyanins. There are a lot of brands on the market, be careful which one you are spending your money on. It is important you do some research on the benefits of bilberry supplements before purchasing. The herbal market is not regulated, and some supplements have misleading information. Taking a bilberry supplement may help with premature aging, soften wrinkles, and strengthen collagen. Even though it is considered a safe herb to take, do not to take the extract or leaf in large amounts. And be careful if you are taking other medications and/or vitamins as it may interfere and cause harmful effects. You can experience side effects, difficulty breathing, swollen tongue, throat, face, lips, dizziness, headache, skin rash or

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