Big Five Model Of Management

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The big five model is useful for the assessment of the staff at a non-managerial level. The big five model gives an accurate and quick method of assessing what would be the main factors that make up someone's personality and at what level of intensity do these drivers play a role in forming a personality of an individual. However, it must be said that the model in itself may not be able to go deep into the capabilities or competencies at a complex managerial level. Further, the model may also lack the rigor which is essential for the assessment of people in or destined for roles at an executive or managerial level. Thereby, the model is used mainly to assess behavior instead of so-called "pure" personality of person. There are several subtle aspects of human personalities which effect the behavior at workplace often manifested by the on-the-job performance. This would lead us to combination of the components of human behavior and the working style for assessing management performance, often gauged through a methodology different from the big five model. Therefore it can be seen that the Big five model even embracing the limitations as well as acknowledging that to a very large extent the model highlights the primary facets of the behavior of a person which definitely would help the manager to understand the personality, the dominant nature and to a large extent the attitude of the employee. This would facilitate the manager to discharge his primary function of planning control and decision-making through effective use of teamwork. The strength of the big five model mainly lie is due to its simplicity of use. The big five model of is widely accepted as well as validated model for obtaining an understanding and measurement of the... ... middle of paper ... ...conscious about what others think of them. They are embarrassed and med. Immoderation 50 average Oriented towards short term pleasures, have strong cravings and urges that they have difficulty resisting. Vulnerability - 55 average Panic confusion and stressed when under panic situation. So we can see that my plotting the personality test results of various team members, the manager can get an overview of the dominant personality type of each of the team members. He can get an idea about whether the person is friendly, cooperative, is he accommodating, more sensitive, short tempered, manipulative or self-centered.. Managing teams delegating work also the actual performance and the personality type can be matched.
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