Bibliography Of Saint Paul: The Birth Of Apostle Paul

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Apostle Paul
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Bibliography of Apostle Paul
The Birth of Apostle Paul
Apostle Paul was born between the years of 5BC and 5AD. He was born in the family of Benjamin in the city of Tarsus the modern day Turkey. Paul was born in Rome thus making him a Roman citizen by birth. He was an Israelite and was commonly known as Saint Paul. On the eighth day, Paul was circumcised following the requirements of the law of God according to the book of Genesis. Paul was known for his firm preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior in his home city (Longenecker, 2015).
Early life of Apostle Paul
The story regarding the early life of Paul is found in two sources which are the Bible in the book of Acts and …show more content…

In the letters, Saint Paul said to have witnessed how the resurrected Jesus talked to His disciples. Also, he claimed that the resurrected Jesus appeared to him and talked to him. When he was on his way to Damascus, Paul said that Jesus appeared in front of him. He fell down on earth with much respect to Jesus. Saint Paul said that he heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting my people?” Paul replied by asking whose voice was talking to him. The voice said that it was the resurrected Jesus Christ. After the conversation, Saul was blinded for three days which faced him to be taken to Damascus by hand. During the three days, Paul did not eat anything but rather prayed so hard for forgiveness from God. On the third day of his blindness, Ananias of Damascus came and restored the sight of Saul and baptized him as Paul. Paul was given the power to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (Longenecker, …show more content…

The first trip that Paul went was to Arabia after his conversion. It is claimed that Paul escaped death many times in Damascus. The visit of Paul to Arabia is note discussed any place in the Bible. Some people argue that Paul often traveled to Mount Sinai for meditation purposes. The desert was the place that Paul chose to spend his alone time so that he would engage in his spiritual life. Through the visits to the Mount Sinai, Paul used to receive powers from God to preach his gospel. Paul also talks about how he went to Jerusalem in his letter to Galatians where he met the disciples of Jesus James and Simon Peter. In Jerusalem, Paul stayed with Simon Peter during the three years. While in Jerusalem, Barnabas came for Paul and went with him to Antioch. There, he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul also went to Corinth where he taught the people on the evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ. Paul traveled from Rome to Spain spreading the gospel of the Lord. His last journey was to Jerusalem where he was arrested (Longenecker,

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