Bible And The Bible

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Who wrote the Bible? I can assure you that not many people have ever really asked themselves this question and really looked behind it to find out the answer. Several people have probably never wondered who since when they think of the Bible, they think of God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” I can personally say I have never really thought about who wrote it, since I have always believed it was God himself. For me the Bible is more than just a book, it is a word of God. God may not have written the Bible psychically but was a huge inspiration for it. There’s the Old Testament and New Testament, both written by different people. You have Moses who wrote the old and the four gospels; Matthew,…show more content…
He was said to have talked with God. In my opinion that’s pretty hard to believe, I don’t think anyone can write a whole Bible only based on the fact that God spoke to them for maybe not even .2 seconds. But then again it could always be true, especially for those who are very strong believers. Those will say that for Moses to write about his own death, it would be a bit unusual. But others will say it’s perfectly natural since it could happen. I feel like Moses was just one of many who was inspired by God and wanted to write something based on him with other helping hands. Beckford, Robert. “Who Wrote the Bible.” 19 Dec. 2004, The New Testament was written by four gospels named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They all wrote different stories on how they were in the event. But if you didn’t know, the gospels were never near the events or even close to accurate when writing their stories. Matthew was a Jewish guy who copied Marks work and knew his ways, Mark was never an eyewitness so it can’t be correct if he was never apart of it. Then there’s Luke which focuses on the Roman Empire and last John, who was kicked out of the synagogue in Paul’s old city and started writing speeches for Jesus. You can say that he was dissatisfied. I feel like the New Testament was just rewritings after rewritings. Beckford, Robert. “Who Wrote the Bible Documentary by Robert Beckford” 25 Dec. 2004 Robert Beckford talked to quite a lot of people when trying to answer his question “Who Wrote the Bible”. He started with talking to American pilgrims on the streets of Jerusalem, head of the Pope’s Bible Institute, former criminal who is now a bowing promoter and many
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