Beyond the Surface of Shrek

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Beyond the Surface of Shrek

Fiona: You did it! You rescued me! You're amazing! You're… You're wonderful! You're...(Shrek and Donkey tumble down the slope with a loud crash.)

Fiona: A little unorthodox I'll admit (Soft classical music plays in the background) but, thine deed is great and thine heart is pure. I'm eternally in your debt.

(Donkey clears his throat loudly.)

Fiona: And where would a brave knight be without his noble steed?

Donkey: Oh, I hope you heard that. She called me a noble steed. She thinks I'm a steed! (Chuckles)

Fiona: The battle is won. You may remove your helmet, dear sir knight.

Shrek: Ah… no.

Fiona: Why not?

Shrek: I… I have helmet hair.

Fiona: Please… I would'st look upon the face of my rescuer.

Shrek: No... No you wouldn't--'tst.

(Soft background music stops)

Fiona: But... How would you kiss me?

Shrek: (Retreats) What? That wasn't in the job description.

Donkey: Maybe it's a perk?

Fiona: No, it's destiny! You must know how it goes.. (Soft classical background music plays) A princess locked in a tower, beset by a dragon, is rescued by a brave knight. And then, they share true love's first kiss.

Donkey: With Shrek? You think… wait wait wait... You think that Shrek's your true love?

Fiona: Well… yes! (Music stops)

(Donkey and Shrek pause and stare at each other, bewildered, then burst out laughing.)

Fiona: What is so funny?

Shrek: Well let's just say I'm not your type, ok?

Fiona: Of course you are. You're my rescuer. Now…now remove your helmet.

Shrek: Look, I really don't think this is a good idea.

Fiona: Please take off the helmet.

Shrek: I'm not going to.

Fiona: (Visibly annoyed) Take it off.

Shrek: No…

Fiona: (Yells) Now!!

Shrek: Ok! Easy! As you command, ...

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