Symbolism and Irony in “The Story of an Hour”

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Mostly on every story, a person, place, or even an object can be described or represented more than what it actually really is. It’s just trying explain more than what the author is trying to get across the story, but it also makes you think twice about what it’s trying to say to show through the main idea. There is all sorts of symbols like the multiply sign is used to show that they double the number of what they’re trying to solve. Colors may also be used to show symbolism like they can make you label certain things and it symbolizes the object you labeled with the color. In the story, The Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard and all her actions and surroundings are used as symbolism .At the beginning of the story; Mrs. Mallard had heart conditions, so what they did to explain the tragic death of her husband to her. Was that they kept her as comfortable as they could and released the news to her little by little, and also gave her hints in order for her not to know by the harsh way, notified by the newspaper office in which the husband of her sister worked at currently. Alex Craig “Her physical heart problem symbolizes her emotional heart as it relates towards he marriage”. Heart problems are not always health issues because sometimes it can also be the emotional feelings that person is going through that makes the heart ache with sadness. Besides the fact that Mrs. Mallard has “Heart Trouble” one should take the problem more meaningful than just the idea that she is unhealthy. But yes the heart can be looked at because of health conditions but really it enforces that the death of her husband really caused serious pain for her heart to be like that. In addition there is also another way that there is symbolism. It is whe... ... middle of paper ... ...her room she will no longer be bound to her husband but rather free to do what she wants whenever she chooses to. Mrs. Mallard is at last apart from a person who was once somebody she loved but then started to dislike him because of his selfishness towards her. Then at last she comes to a point when she sees him and dies because she knows she will be jailed up again with his possession with her. Works Cited 123 help me editors, “symbolism in ‘The Story of an Hour.’” 123 help me, Inc., n.d web. 17 Mar 2014 Lorcher, Trent. “Irony in ‘The Story of an Hour.’” Bright Hub Education. N.P., 17 Apr 2012. Web. 17 Mar 2014 Shmoop Editors.“’Story of an Hour’ Heart Trouble.” Shmoop. Shmoop, Inc., N.d Web 17 Mar 2014 Westwood, M. “What are examples of Verbal, Situational< and Dramatic Irony in ‘The Story of an Hour.’” E-Notes. E-Notes, Inc., 30 Sept 2013. Web. 17 March 2014
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