Beyond Essays

  • Colonialism and Beyond

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    Colonialism and Beyond in Chinua Achebe's An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, No Longer at Ease, Things Fall Apart, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Emmanuel Nelson's Chinua Achebe, Postcolonial African Writers, Willene Taylor's A Search for Values in Things Fall Apart, Colin Turnbull's he Lonely African This course on colonial and post-colonial literature satisfies my cravings for thought and literature that falls outside of the mainstream of the Eurocentric view

  • beyond beef

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    Jeremy Rifkin’s book, Beyond Beef, is an indictment against the cattle culture that has come to shape our world. America’s obsession with beef has led to increased hunger, disease and environmental destruction. Rifkin, without a doubt, is anti beef and with painstaking verisimilitude attempts to shed light on the horrific conditions which are brought about by the entire industry. Furthermore, his book is somewhat of a continuity of Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, the first attempt made at exposing

  • Beyond the Classroom

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    Beyond the Classroom Teachers in training have a lot to focus on and plan for in their futures. How to handle a classroom, fulfill the curriculum, and accurately assess students are all tremendous responsibilities. Experienced teachers have a decided edge in these categories. One area of the high school environment that developing teachers may be able to more strongly relate to, however, is the life of a teenager. It was only a few years ago that the future teachers of today were just students

  • Beyond Dim Sum

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    Beyond Dim Sum There is truth to the platitude that it isn't the destination that is important, but the route that one takes to get there. To say my goals for studying abroad were purely academic would be skewing the truth; studying Chinese took me to China. But just as from studying Chinese language, I have gained new insights into China's cultural and historical legacy, so too, in going to China have I gleaned more than just the ability to speak a foreign language. I remember arriving in

  • Beyond the Burning Time

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    Beyond the Burning Time Mary’s Struggle Maturation is the emergence of personal and behavioral characteristics through growth process. In the novel Beyond the Burning Time, by Kathryn Lasky, Mary Chase goes through these growth processes. In the end Mary goes through many changes and becomes a very mature person. Mary will change in the concept that she will become more aggressive and motivated in making her own decisions. She also becomes more vigorous as well as courageous in a sense

  • Development Of The West Beyond The Mississippi

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    Development Of The West Beyond The Mississippi The years 1840 to 1890 were a period of great growth for the United States. It was during this time period that the United states came to the conclusion that it had a manifest destiny, that is, it was commanded by god to someday occupy the entire North American continent. One of the most ardent followers of this belief was President James K. Polk. He felt that the United States had the right to whatever amount of territory it chose to, and in doing

  • Beyond the Surface of Shrek

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    Beyond the Surface of Shrek Fiona: You did it! You rescued me! You're amazing! You're… You're wonderful! You're...(Shrek and Donkey tumble down the slope with a loud crash.) Fiona: A little unorthodox I'll admit (Soft classical music plays in the background) but, thine deed is great and thine heart is pure. I'm eternally in your debt. (Donkey clears his throat loudly.) Fiona: And where would a brave knight be without his noble steed? Donkey: Oh, I hope you heard that. She called me

  • Buddhism – Going Beyond the Soul

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    Buddhism – Going Beyond the Soul Buddhism teaches that there is no soul because the concept of soul is not compatible with its teachings. Buddhism teaches impermanence yet soul is permanent. Buddhism teaches that everything is subject to death, yet the soul or Atman of traditional Hinduism is immortal. Buddhism does not allow the existence of an eternal, unchanging, universal soul that remains essentially the same throughout the course of many reincarnations. Even to wonder about the soul serves

  • Beyond the Battlefield by David Blight

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    Beyond the Battlefield by David Blight David W. Blight's book Beyond the Battlefield: Race, Memory and the American Civil War, is an intriguing look back into the Civil War era which is very heavily studied but misunderstood according to Blight. Blight focuses on how memory shapes history Blight feels, while the Civil War accomplished it goal of abolishing slavery, it fell short of its ultimate potential to pave the way for equality. Blight attempts to prove that the Civil War does little to bring

  • Going Beyond Theme Writing

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    Going Beyond Theme Writing So here I am trying to think of something to write about that will go beyond a theme. My writing experiences have been pretty narrow minded. Basicly, if the writing was not in a theme format, I immediately excluded it. From elementary school and to today, research papers in theme formats were expected. I was not taught how to write in any other way. I figured that if my writing was accepted, if I got A's on them, and if the teachers never hinted as to any other way

  • Moving Beyond the Language Barrier

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    Nobody’s born with the language they speak today. Everyone is born with a clean tongue that is transformed to make sounds and words that are native to their homeland and people they were raised by. Language can’t be described as a trait, like the color of your skin or the width of your shoulders. When society discriminates against individuals that speak differently, they are judging them based on how they were raised and how they were taught to speak, people don’t see them as just a person that didn’t

  • MBA Admissions Essays - Beyond the Curve

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    MBA Admissions Essays - Beyond the Curve Having worked in a constantly evolving sector of the economy, I realize the value of an MBA weighs heavily on a program's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.  Although the classic lecture format has undeniable value, I believe for an MBA program to truly further my career, it must have something more. My career path has exposed me to many different aspects of the business world and I believe an MBA program should likewise consist of a myriad of

  • Beyond Orgasmatron by Keesling, Barbara

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    Beyond Orgasmatron “...We’re walking around with a complete health care system inside our own body.” Keesling does a pretty good job of emphasizing the this idea throughout the entire article. I must admit that from personal experience I do indeed agree with Keesling in that sex is great for the mind and body, as well as the fact that it could even be used as therapy for menstrual problems. She also makes a point of stating that “ also creates an emotional and physical bond that is essential

  • Beyond Pythagoras Math Investigation

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    Beyond Pythagoras Math Investigation Pythagoras Theorem: Pythagoras states that in any right angled triangle of sides 'a', 'b' and 'c' (a being the shortest side, c the hypotenuse): a2 + b2 = c2 [IMAGE] E.g. 1. 32 + 42= 52 9 + 16 = 25 52 = 25 2. 52+ 122= 132 3. 72 + 242 = 252 25 + 144 = 169 49 + 576 = 625 132 = 169 252 = 625 All the above examples are using an odd number for 'a'. It can however, work with an even number. E.g. 1. 102 + 242= 262 100 + 576 =

  • Beyond Pythagoras - Mathematical Investigation

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    Beyond Pythagoras - Mathematical Investigation 1) Do both 5, 12, 13 and 7, 24, 25 satisfy a similar condition of : (Smallest number)² + (Middle Number)² = (Largest Number) ² ? 5, 12, 13 Smallest number 5² = 5 x 5 = 25 Middle Number 12² = 12 x 12 = 144+ 169 Largest Number 13² = 13 x 13 = 169 7, 24, 25 Smallest number 7² = 7 x 7 = 49 Middle Number 24² = 24 x 24 = 576+ 625 Largest Number 25² = 25 x 25 = 625 Yes, each set of numbers does satisfy the condition.

  • Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping - Beyond Reason

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    Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping - Beyond Reason Marilynne Robinson gives voice to a realm of consciousness beyond the bounds of reason in her novel Housekeeping. Possibly concealed by the melancholy but gently methodical tone, boundaries and limits of perception are constantly redefined, rediscovered, and reevaluated. Ruth, as the narrator, leads the reader through the sorrowful events and the mundane details of her childhood and adolescence. She attempts to reconcile her experiences, fragmented

  • Beyond Free Will in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    Beyond Free Will in Shelly’s Frankenstein One of the greatest gifts God has given to man is free will.  Free will is the ability to choose our own life’s path, to make decisions, and to suffer our own consequences. God has intended free will to allow us to live our own life by the rules we choose.  However, does free will reach a certain point as which to not crossover?  Man has always envied God, and has always tried to become god-like.  Does this ambition compromise our free will?  In Mary

  • Pushing Fellow Managers Beyond Limits

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    Pushing Fellow Managers Beyond Limits Audience: 10 department managers of XYZ Corp. A special meeting has been called by the CEO. He has asked each manager to present a 5 minute talk about a personal hero. [I am the Human Resources Manager]. ====================================================================== Purpose: To motivate fellow managers to into purposeful and decisive action, which pushes them beyond their current limits. MY WAY ====== The Fred Hollows story ----------------------

  • Summary Of Beyond Formula: American Film Genres

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    Summary Of Beyond Formula: American Film Genres The passage taken from the book, “Beyond Formula: American Film Genres” by Stanley Solomon, focuses specifically on Western films. Solomon suggests that, “the Western is primarily a genre of location,” (56) which not only suggests the plot of the movie but the characters portrayed in the film as well. If the location is based in a harsh or rugged environment, the viewers automatically assume that the characters in the film will be just as rugged

  • Beyond The Horizon And Diffrent By Eugene Oneill

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    Beyond The Horizon and Diff'rent by Eugene O'Neill In Beyond the Horizon and Diff'rent, Eugene O'Neill reveals that dreams are necessary to sustain life. Through the use of the characters Robert Mayo, Andrew Mayo, Ruth and Emma Crosby, O'Neill proves that without dreams, man could not exist. Each of his characters are dependent on their dreams, as they feed their destiny. When they deny their dreams, they deny their destiny, altering their lives forever. O'Neill also points out, that following