Benny Andrews

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Research of Benny Andrews

Andrews wanted to express black experience through his art, but he found it very difficult thing to do. He was using nonfigurative expressionism which became a personal movement for him. Andrews wanted to convey himself in a different way from other artists in order to make his own exclusive personality. I think his works are delicate, and cherished. He is a visual artist, writer, and teacher.

His art work displays were countrywide and worldwide for more than forty years. Andrews' work can be found in the everlasting collections of various museums as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Hirsh horn Museum and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Benny Andrew's work is in the permanent collections of numerous thirty most important museums, including the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Sculpture Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Institute and also other several instituted I mentioned above.

His theme is people, generally African American people raised from his

Southern heritage as he was born in Georgia, a child of a previous slave. Even though he has resided and taught in New York. I think his images and print continue to reveal his practice and memories of growing up in the South. Not only his subject matter is about African American people, but more universally, people of all kinds - black, white, wealthy, poor, religious, northern or southern.

As to what I found his work has been portrayed as Southern or black or radical, but I think he is above all an American artist. He draws on many different influences in his art including his father. Benny Andrews was also subjective by the jazz clubs of Chicago and his work as a common and civilizing activist. He served as the Director of the Visual Art Program at the National Endowment for the Arts. Recognized for his collage works as well as carving, graphic, drawings, paintings, he is also a writer and critic and was a professor at Queens College in New York. Andrews is an outstanding designer, who is straightforward, but his powerful works are also unremarkable. He is also a writer and critic and was also a wonderful professor at Queens College in New York.

I think positive about this artist because he is one of those artists that actually and emotionally, is never far away from his home.
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