Benefits Of Social Networking Essay

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Executive Summary:
Socialising is part of human life. Human beings are social animals and they want to get connected and interact with their friends and family members. Social networks, as the name suggests, are networks established and maintained for the purpose of socialising. Nowadays, people in far different places can interact thanks to the Internet and social networking sites. What are the benefits of social networking? What are the issues facing social networking? This report seeks to outline issues affecting social networking including sexual allowances, privacy, safety, wasting time, addiction and health with the purpose of providing two solutions towards these issues. The report starts with an explanation of social networking and a brief outline of the benefits of social networking. The report identifies and discuses six issues facing social networking: sexual allowances, privacy, safety, wasting time, addiction and health. The report recommends that social networking should be included in the curriculum to equip children with safe use practices before they join social networking sites. The government should also control social networking to prevent ill behaviors and ill-motivated activities from taking place on social networking sites.

Social networking has turned out to be part of daily routines. It is being used for good or for bad. Every now and then, whether at work, in school or at home log onto various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace using their computers iPods, iPads and smart phones. They then communicate with hundreds or millions of people on their social networks by posting a status update on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter or responding to other people’s posts or ...

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...raphic material on social networks; this happens because perpetrators know that their activities will not be realised by relevant authorities. While educating children and teenagers of the dangers of engaging in some socially risky behaviors, there is need to control what goes on social networks although this move has previously been fought against by social networking sites. Since social networking sites have failed to prevent ill behaviours on their websites, the government should start monitoring activities taking place on social networks to snub and prosecute perpetrators with the aim of ensuring positive social networking experience for all. There is therefore the need to establish social networking policies that outline what should be done and what should not be done on social networking sites, which will act as the baseline for control.
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