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Recently, community service is more and more crucial to every teenager’s life. Whether it is to receive admission into their dream college or to win awards, sometimes community service is being forgotten for its true purpose and meaning. When I first entered high school, I entered with idea that I needed fulfill community service in order to get into a good college, but now as a senior in highschool, my opinion has dramatically changed. At a certain point in one’s life, one begins to understand that individuals have a bigger role in life than once expected. For me, this point came while I was volunteering at the Alexis I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. My experience at the hospital transformed me from a blind teenager to one who is proud to help her community. While volunteering at A.I. Children’s Hospital, I came to the conclusion that every action has a big impact. The children that are in the hospital due to their terminal illnesses, or other diseases opened my once blind eyes. The credit to this unveiling goes to a young girl. Several nurses called in for a volunteer to talk to a...

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