Becoming a Historian

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Becoming a historian requires a lot of different skills and first starts with becoming familiar with the work place. Such as one, must receive the proper funds to keep a historical building alive by grant writing and educating the community by using good public speaking skills. Also, I must sharpen your researching skills to set up displays, and proper training before starting the archive process. Sandy, the curator, gave me a tour of the Milford Historical Society. I moved some needed books form one place to another in the Bryan-Down house. Also, I sorted through some biographies of the Ells family people. Sandy went over preliminaries for the Hartford Conference. Once Sandy left, Ardienne, soon to be the former president for the Milford Historical Society, and I picked out a costume for the education tours. I found out that for the first few education tours I will be watching what Ardienne does. I was told to arrive nine the morning for each school tour and one tour will be added for June tenth. The following day I went to the Hartford Conference. Marcia Winter, the new president of the Milford Historical Society, attended a conference on grant writing with me in the legislative house in Hartford. There I made plenty of connections with other historical societies, museums, agencies for support collection care. I have a whole list of places I can contact now to either visit, intern, or find out information for my future. One of the most important lessons I learned in order to get grant money was that you must do a lot of community projects to show how important the historical building is to keep maintaining the building or archives within it. After this conference it was time to start school tours to interact w... ... middle of paper ... work. I was told how the data entry sheets will be made, and later how we will all put this data on the computer in the archival program, Past Perfect. I was told about terminology for archiving data, and how I will always be working in a group of two minimum when archiving data. We shall start archiving data the week after next. Also, I received a past perfect training disk, so I may learn the program better on my own. I am supposed to be a major resource in this program to the rest of the Society members, so I must learn everything about it to be a minor expert. Therefore from this internship I have already gained important historian skills. In conclusion my first two weeks of my internship were filled of eye opening experiences that shall prepare me for my future field. I have completed up to this point thirty and a half of my hours for my internship.
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