Becoming a Coach

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As we run towards the field, I can hear the echoes of the enormous crowd roaring down on the player’s entrance of the Texan’s Stadium. My team gallops behind me like wild horses that are ready for a stampede. I move them forward to reach their destination. Just as I reach the entrance into the dome, where the fog rises up to give that more dramatic feeling, I think back and wonder, “What got me here today?” “What made me who I am today?” Four years of kinesiology leading the way to pee-wee football where letting everyone play; turned into high school football, where the best players play. With patience and a strong persistent attitude, putting in at least sixty to seventy hours a week, and struggling with the disadvantages of less time with the family. Continuously working hard to be the best; trying to accomplish goals of making those thirty to fifty thousand dollars a year, watching kid after kid fight for their spot on the football team. Staying up late and going through play after play just to find that one detail that will help you gain those two extra yards that can get you that touchdown and the win. That’s the life of a high school coach according to Coach Lance Butler; he is the coach of the Wells Lady Pirate softball team.

The requirements for coaches has changed over the years; high school coaches these days not only have to study kinesiology, but now they have to teach as well and find a class that best fits them such as math or science, so that they will have an advantage and more job security. Coaches who teach a class also build a relationship with their players; it builds a better understanding of when the books come first. Coaches have to have a bachelors in their sport and bachelors in their subject. Think abou...

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... week during the season, during offseason 50 to 60 hours plus classroom prep time for whatever subject you decide to teach. The life of a high school coach is a rough one, and you are often pegged as the bad guy by the players and are forced to deal with angry parents.

Many coaches put in so much to achieve their goals and some don’t even become coaches because they’re not cut out for it or they give up. You must be willing to give your all and so much more and be willing to take the responsibility of the young men and maybe the girls who put their lives and dreams in your hands. Coaching is not a job that someone who is just looking for a job should go in to; there needs to be passion and a genuine love for the game, because remember you are dealing with each and every child’ future whether it be in that certain sport or in life. Their future is something special.

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