Nursing: Values, Skills, And Passion In Nursing

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When thinking about a career, there are three things that work together to guarantee success: values, skills, and passion. Nursing is a career field where these three aspects are crucial; success as a nurse is reliant on the ability of the nurse to tie the three aspects together. Nurses’ values can be characterized into four categories: caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence (Core Values, 2016). Nursing skills are important, because a nurse has the life of another person in their hands, and the influence they have on their life is huge. The nurse’s passion is what is most important to their career; nursing takes a lot of dedication and a good nurse puts a lot of heart into their career. Passion is what drives a nurse to be better and…show more content…
My biggest reason for being interested in nursing is the connection they gain with their patients. Nurses are the ones who build relationships with their patients as they watch their patients’ progress and regain their health. The nurse is the person who spends the time getting to know the patients as they care for them, and that is the whole reason I want to go into the medical field. My passion in nursing is to develop bonds with my patients, and find ways to bring them back to their health. I know that the nursing profession is right for me, because I am the type of person who loves helping people and making sure that they are doing well. My personal strengths are shown when I am helping other people while they are struggling; I am compassionate, empathetic, optimistic, and truthful. I worry a lot about other people and how they are feeling, so I always strive to bring their mood back up. Being a compassionate person in nursing is important because the patient has to be see and trust that you care about them in order for them to feel comfortable with their treatment. Empathy in nursing is important, because a patient who is struggling needs to see that the nurse understands what the patient is struggling with physically and emotionally. Optimism and honesty work together, because a patient needs to have hope, but there is a fine line between optimism and exaggeration. Though a patient…show more content…
Naomi’s passion is nursing, and the fact that she had her goals set to becoming a nurse and work at Johns Hopkins Hospital is very similar to me having my heart set on working at Mayo Clinic when I obtain my degree. Naomi’s time was spent mostly between work and her family, and that is important to me because I put my family at the center of my world, just as she does. Naomi’s passion to be a nurse is highly reflective of my passion to become a nurse as well. She is willing to go the extra mile in order to become a better nurse for her patients, and that shows that she is truly passionate about what she is doing. Naomi’s strength when working with patients who are struggling, is what I hope to be. Naomi’s strength when she was struggling with her miscarriage is what made her a stronger nurse, and it is my hope that I can find the strength in my tough situations the way she found the strength to get her through her hardships. Naomi’s passion to be a good nurse, wife, and mom is what connects me greatly to her; her strength and compassion in the nursing field are what I strive to be, when I become a
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