Becoming a Registered Nurse

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Everyday in this world, elderly, adults, teens or children become ill or get into accidents and need medical attention. Whether these elderly, adults, teens or children are taken to a hospital, pediatrician, specialist, or clinic, a doctor and a nurse will tend to them. The nurse plays a role that is just as important as the doctor. Nurses work very closely with the families as part of the caring process. Every member of the family plays a role in different ways. The nurses are there to help the patient as well as the family step through the illness or injury. They provide information for the prevention of future illness and injury, and help to comfort the patient and his/her family. It is vital that a nurse understands that to be a nurse, you need a certain personality and understanding of the field.
A nursing degree is a three year full time modular course designed to prepare students for their future role as a registered nurse and meets the new Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards implemented in 2011, ensuring that our graduates will be able to help shape the nursing workforce of the future (Nursing Course Summary, n.d.).
Mental health difficulties can have a profound effect upon a person’s quality of life. As many as one in three people are thought to suffer some form of mental health problem. This dynamic mental health degree, is delivered using a range of innovative teaching approaches designed to meet the needs of this population.
Practice opportunities exist within varied health and social care settings to consolidate your theoretical knowledge over the three years. There is also considerable emphasis upon the development of clinical and communication skills required for the safe and effective delivery of a range of ...

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...ion. In some cases, registered nurses combine specialties.

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