Becoming A Masters Of Business Administration Degree

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Furthering my education by earning a Masters of Business Administration degree, will satisfy one of my personal and professional goals. The focal point will be in Information Technology. This degree will allow me to enhance my technology, leadership, money management, employee relations, and marketing skills. I will gain vital planning, organization and communication skills. The degree will also allow me to obtain additional knowledge about hardware and software technologies that will be used to enhance current processes and procedures. Striving to grow individually and at the same time inspire my family members, friends, and peers invest in themselves, has become a priority.

Received my Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Memphis State University in May of 1992. During my undergraduate studies, I did receive grades that were average and below average. This has caused my undergraduate cumulative grade point average to be lower than a 3.0. At that time, I did not understand how essential it was to study over and above what was expected in order to accomplish great grades. Since that time, I have learned a valuable lesson. I should have focused more on my studies, and put my class work first before anything else and not settle for average grades. In my later years of college, I made large improvements with my grades. Since I earned my undergraduate degree, I have taken additional courses through a program called Information System Management. Undergraduate college level credits were acquired and a certificate for completing the program. Obtained a certification in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library version three foundation where a col...

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.... They both hold degrees from Bethel University and still talk about their experiences. After reading through the Information Technology curriculum, it is exciting to see the type of classes being offered, the materials that will be discussed, what I stand to gain from the program, and the fact that I will be able to take the classes online.

Skills gain from the Masters of Business Administration program will be used immediately in my current job as a project manager. As I master new skills, I will be able to apply them personally and professionally in my leadership roles. Career advancement, additional income, and increased skill to train others are additional ways to benefit from the degree. Enhancing my skills through the Masters of Business Administration program at Bethel University will allow myself to complete one of my personal and professional goals.

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