Becoming A Doctor Or A Veterinarian

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A career in nursing has always sounded like an extremely rewarding and beneficial profession. Nurses have the great opportunity to care for patients on a daily basis, nurses are responsible for helping patients maintain a long, healthy life. In this paper, I will discuss how I became interested in nursing, how my values relate to those of a nurse, and my goals pertaining to the nursing program. Several factors contributed to my pursuit of a career nursing, but the main reason I decided on this profession was my family. The medical field has held my interest since a young age, considering my mom has always worked in healthcare, so I was exposed to the field at a very early age. For many years I juggled with the idea of becoming a doctor or a veterinarian, not quite being able to decide which field in healthcare interested me the most, but in recent years I narrowed the interest I developed at a young age down to a profession in nursing. It was only after a discussion with my great-aunt that I decided to pursue nursing. My great-aunt made nursing her profession many years ago, and at family gatherings, she would often tell me fascinating stories about her time spent working in a hospital. I loved hearing about her being able to help and care for so many people. Hearing her great experience and the ability to help people is really what brought me to the profession. Some of the classes I took in high school further developed my interest. My high school requires sophomore students to take biology, and I absolutely fell in love with the class. The subject quickly became one of my favorites. My science teacher convinced me to take Biology II my junior year, and that was the best class I took in high school. Biology II acted as a... ... middle of paper ... ... a member of Lost & Found, which brings awareness to the topics of depression and suicide; I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this club and helping with bringing awareness to others. A job specializing in the mental health field has been a major goal of mine since deciding to become a nurse, and I hope to accomplish this goal after I graduate from SDSU. The healthcare field has always held a strong attraction for me. I would not be pursuing this field if it was not for the experiences I had with my family and school. My family instilled core values that match those of a nurse. Those values convince me that I will be able to bring my hard work and dedication to the career to make myself a successful nurse. I love to help and care for others, and I would love to help patients lead a long and healthy life. I cannot imagine myself pursuing any other profession.
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