Beastly Challenges Of The Nursing Field Case Study

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Beastly Challenges of the Nursing Field Healthcare is a very demanding industry that requires people who are willing to conquer the various challenges that are expected to come along with it. However, despite the difficulties, the “healthcare industry is projected to add more jobs than any other industry between 2012 and 2022” (Torpey 1). Healthcare will continue to rise during a recession because there is always a need for health facilities. On the surface, this career field seems very appealing to the average college student who is trying to find security in a steady job. It is important to reveal not only the pros about one 's desired dream job, but also the challenges within that job. Since nursing is one of the fastest growing industries,…show more content…
The Millennials, who are fairly keen on technology, are not the ones who are facing this challenge of technological advancement. This challenge can specifically be targeted towards the older Baby Boomers who are not familiar with the different types of technology. The majority of nurses and doctors in medical facilities are the older baby boomers who are not savvy with the technology that has potential to save lives. With that being said, the staff mentors cannot teach upcoming nurses about this technology because they are not aware of it themselves. “Computers technologies have opened the door to many new teaching approaches for nurse educators. However, the challenges facing staff practitioners who did not ‘grow up’ in the computer age continue to be a focus of concern. The rapid expansion of electronic learning environments has increased the need to bridge the gap between the generational cohort of many educators and that of today’s learners” (Litchfield). Keeping up with technological advancements can create a great challenge for the baby boomer generation; which in return can make it difficult for upcoming nurses to learn how to operate advanced

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