Bears Beware

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In our world today many animals and plants are loosing their fight

against human intervention in their once well-balanced ecosystem. We are all

aware of the extinction of the dinosaurs and the dodo birds, however most people

do not realize that annually thousands of species of our flora and fauna are

now becoming extinct. This on going trend is increasingly threatening our

bio diversity and global ecology. To give a specific example of animal depletion

I will focus on Canadian bears. The following factors are responsible for

their decline. Hunting, loss of habitat, and just plain apathy on part of the

public to preserve the bio diversity of our land.

During 1994/95, a total

of 19,430 bear hunting licenses were issued to both residential and non-residential

people. There were 3,790 so-called legal bear kills in BC alone. It is estimated

that out of every one legally killed bear be it grizzly or black two are killed

illegally by poachers primarily just for their paws, head, gall bladder, and

reproductive organs. These body parts are considered by Orientals to increase

strength and rejuvenate male potency. Given these facts 11,190 bears were killed

last year. Biologist estimate that to keep the bear population at a balanced

figure only 4% should be allowed to be harvested annually. The current annual

harvest rate it is more like 8-12%. In my opinion this is really outrageous.

We are watching it in front of our eyes and little is being done to prevent

it. We have already witnessed the rhinos, African elephants and the Siberian

tiger go through the same process and now they are on the brink of extinction.


hunting and poaching are similar in the sense that they both result in the

slaughter of animals be it bears or any creature. Having depleted the animals

in their own countries, the rich flock here in the hundreds to go on big game

hunting expeditions and kill; anywhere from one to who knows how many bears.

I really don't understand what is going on with our government to allow this

to happen. Soon grizzlies will be deemed endangered and when this happens

the price for their head will skyrocket and encourage further poaching.


typical responses heard from hunters are:

"We are the top of the food chain";

"That's why they are here, to satisfy man", "it don't hurt their numbers",

"Its just a bear". Their ignorant attitude is very short sighted and self-indulgent.

In my opinion if we want these magnificent creatures to be here for us, our

children and their children we should not allow foreign game hunters to come
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