Batman Vs Superman Research Paper

analytical Essay
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517 words

Batman and Superman are in a big arena. Superman throws a punch. Then Batman blocks the punch. Batman uppercuts him and Superman goes down. Do you think Batman should of won? Without a doubt, Batman is better than Superman. Admittedly, Superman has powers. For example, Superman can fly and save people from buildings that are falling. Also, Superman can shoot lasers out of his eye, and burn villains. Another example is Superman’s super breath. When Superman uses that he blows people or buildings away. Also, Superman has super super strength which can help when there's a plane falling to the ground. (That happened in Superman Returns). Another power Superman has, is super hearing. Superman has this so he can hear who is having trouble with

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how batman and superman are in a big arena. batman blocks the punch, batman uppercuts him, and batman goes down.
  • Explains that superman has powers, such as flying, shooting lasers out of his eye, and burning villains. he also has super strength and super hearing.
  • Argues that batman has better gear than superman, since he has kryptonite, and more gadgets.
  • Explains that batman has to be more intelligent than superman, so he can even come close to winning against him. batman uses his intelligence by building cool suits and building his bat cave.
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