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John Kirkley
Mrs. Taylor
7th Pre ap English
2 April 2014
All About Baseball
Baseball is one of many sports. Baseball is america’s pastime. It has nine positions and only one person plays one position. The players need the basic tools to play baseball. The players need the basic equipment to play. Baseball has a fascinating history of how it came to be a sport
Position number one is the pitcher (P). The pitcher has to have a good arm. He needs to be able to throw from the pitcher mound to the catcher. The catcher (C) is position number two. The catcher needs to be able to stop the baseball when it hits the dirt in front of him. He needs to be able to throw the ball to first, second, third and back to the pitcher. The third position is the first baseman (1B). The first baseman needs to be able to catch the ball when throw to him from a different position. If the batter hits the ball to the pitcher, he has to throw it to the firs baseman and the first baseman needs to catch the ball and then step on first base. The fourth position is the second baseman (2B). The second baseman baseman is incharge of second base and shallow infield in case someone hits it to far right field so then he could be the cut of for the right fielder.
He fifth position is the third baseman (3B). He has to be able to throw the ball all the way across the infield. If someone hits the ball to him and no one is on base he needs to throw it to the first baseman. If there is a runner on first he needs to throw the ball to the second baseman and the second baseman needs to throw it to the first baseman and the will be what is called a double.
"So, as an example, a 6 4 3 double play means the shortstop f...

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...lso keeps your hands from getting blisters from swinging the bat too many times or to fast. The last equipment only the catcher needs. The catcher needs a helmet at all times to protect his head. He needs chest wear and shin guards. The catcher is the player with the most protection because of all the home plate collisions.

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