Essay On World Baseball Classic

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It’s everything that is pure about baseball captured into one tournament. It is the greatest collection of baseball the world will ever see and it happens once every four years.

This used to be a description of baseball in the Olympics, however in 2005, the ruling came down that baseball would no longer be an sport apart of the prestigious event. Heartbreak ensured across countries where kids and adults alike would not get the chance to see the game they loved played by players of their beloved countries.

Enter in the World Baseball Classic. Beginning shortly after the Olympic ruling, the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) would create the greatest baseball tournament the world will ever know. The World Baseball Classic, founded for …show more content…

That is that the winner of the competition does not truly matter and that is not a bias opinion due to the United States failing to medal thus far. The fact is that while Team USA has failed in the tournament, the tournament has been a global success. It has allowed new players to emerge as superstars that can transfer over to baseball’s biggest stage, Major League Baseball.

From the game changing pitching brought to us from Japan’s starting pitching star Daisuke Matsuzaka to the power of Yoenis Céspedes, the World Baseball Classic continues to produce game changing talent.

It is the greatest tournament ever, because of its functionality. It is the only tournament that I know of that effectively uses already created spaces to execute the global event. It also is the only tournament that incorporates fans from all across the country by offering host sites across multiple countries.

The sad thing is that the players of the United States have not bought in. More and more continue to ignore the tournament. Until the United States is fully invested the tournament will only be so good. Before long, the mocking of their fellow teammates will ignite something in the United States’ players, to where the will to win for pride will outweigh the laid back draw of spring

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