Banking Education By Paulo Freire Summary

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Paulo Freire, in this essay, describes the common teaching method as “His [the teacher 's] task is to ‘fill’ the students with contents” almost like a bank 's customers put money into the bank itself (pg.2). He also describes the teachers as “ the oppressors” and students as “‘receptacles to be filled’” by the teachers” (pg.3, pg.2). He also says “The banking system of education, which serves the interest of oppression, is also necrophilic” (pg.6) I personally feel, from my experiences in both banking system and problem posing classes, that Freire is correct at saying the banking system is a horrible way of teaching. My Calculus teacher, Mr. Wolfe was a great guy. He was one of those teachers you felt comfortable around, and could talk…show more content…
All we had to do was be ready for the test, which he made sure we were by having a month of studying ahead of the May exam. Even with those study sessions, I think most students would not be able to tell you a single damn thing about what we learned in Calculus last year; I personally know I could not, and I know that he would be very angry knowing that. The point is, though, the students never actually learned anything. I feel that if Mr. Wolfe would have listened to Freire’s advice of Problem-posing and had groups discuss how to do problems, more students would retain at least some of the information. His teaching method follows Freire’s list of how an oppressive classroom is,
“b. The teacher knows everything and the students know nothing… f. the teacher chooses and enforces his choice, and the students are disciplined...h. the teacher chooses the program content, and the students (who were not consulted) adapt to it.” (pg. 3)
Mr. Wolfe knew everything, and the students were so confused we had no clue what to do. He choose which questions to answer, and we had no way to change his mind. My chemistry teacher, however, was a great teacher along with being a great guy everybody could relate to, since he was involved in so many things, like hockey, band, tennis, hiking, and the local historical society. If students asked him a question, he would have us try to figure it out as a class, then help if we could
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