Banana Powder: Baby food for Rural India and Marketing

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CONTENTS Index PARTICULARS PG. NO. 1 Banana Powder 5 2 Features 6 3 Composition 6 4 Segmenting 8 5 Targeting 8 6 Positioning 9 7 Swot Analysis 9 8 Distribution Strategy 10 9 Pricing Strategy 11 10 Promotional Strategy 12 11 Bibliography/Webliography 13 12 Plagiarism Report 14 ‘BANANA POWDER’ The product is a high nutrition, organic baby food product, usually homemade provided in convenient ready-to-use packets. • Baby food is always a matter of utmost concern for mothers especially in today’s busy word. They want to provide organic food to children without having to put a lot of time into the preparation. • Raw banana powder porridge, an ancient south Indian recipe is the perfect solution. • It is a natural supplement for children above three months. • Its medicinal and therapeutic properties that energise the body. • It is also good for preparing delicious deserts, puddings and different snacks items. • It will be provided in 150 gram packets consisting of 10, 15 gram one-meal-use sachets as well as individually. • It would be priced at Rs 70 for a 150 gram packet and Rs 7 per individual sachet. • This being a natural product contains no preservatives. • Its fruity flavour will appeal to infants and will make feeding an easier process. FEATURES • The manufacturing of the raw banana involves drying of the fruit, followed by powdering. • Ingredients for the baby food: One sachet of raw banana powder, one cup of milk/water, 2 tsps or 1/4th piece of solid jaggery and lastly one tsp of ghee. • Raw banana powder porridge can be made by adding one sachet of powder in 1 cup of water / milk. St... ... middle of paper ... ...ging of sachets will be done in paper to reduce the use of plastic due to environmental issues. BIBLIOGRAPHY/WEBLIOGRAPHY 1. CK Prahalad, “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” 2. Self Nutrition Data: 3. Sangeetha Menon, Bumps and Babies blog: 4. Prof Sukti Chakrabarti, “India’s Rural Market – The Fortune at the base of the Pyramid”: 5. Guest Author, “A Look At Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) in India [The Global Research & Innovation Hub]” 6. Maps of India, State wise Per Capita Income:
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