Ban On Tobacco Advertising By The Government Of India

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Case Study Analysis – Ban on Tobacco Advertising by the Government of India The connections held amongst the Government, the Tobacco Industry and the health of citizens has been a controversial and complicated topic for decades. This case analysis will focus on the ban on tobacco advertising in India. First, the ideas and arguments will be discussed for both the supporters and those who opposed the ban. The next topics will include the conflict of interest in regards to the government of India and my opinion on what governments should be doing in regards to tobacco advertising. Generally, the main concern supporters of the ban have with the tobacco industry and their advertising, is the adverse effect smoking has on an individual’s health. In early 2001 when the ban was initiated, the number of deaths associated with tobacco was rising and expected to continue rising exponentially. It was thought that developing countries, such as India, were targeted in the market as a direct result of the decline in the markets of developed countries. It has also been a long time concern and theory that tobacco advertising was directed at children, especially after industry documents were leaked basically stating the younger generation was the industry’s future. Many supporters looked to the governments to come in and intervene as it was their ethical right to protect their citizens. Ban supporters counter-studied topics the opposition raised in order to discredit them. They looked at the revenue raised by tobacco for the government and counter balanced it with the health care costs of suffering smokers. Economic worries included loss of jobs and funding in the open market. However, supporters of the ban showed the money previously spent on t... ... middle of paper ... legalized. In my opinion governments should take a look at current policies and see how they treat other substances and retain the equivalent throughout or make changes throughout. Even though I know and understand firsthand the effects smoking has on an individual’s health, I have to stand by and conclude if the product is legal than advertising should be as well. Rather than banning advertisements for tobacco products pushing knowledge and advertising the motives not to smoke are more powerful and will reap greater rewards. The Tobacco industry is a debated topic riddled with conflicting research, health concerns and the fight for protection of rights. In this case study the arguments for and against the ban of tobacco advertising in India was discussed as well as the government’s conflict of interest and my opinion of the government’s proper course of action.

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