The Pros And Cons Of Tobacco Advertising

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Tobacco Advertising: To Ban or Not to Ban? Tobacco is a 100 percent legal substance that some want banned altogether.Tobacco has been a controversial substance ever since doctors found that it causes health problems, but the problem does not lie with the substance. Many people choose to smoke even with though the majority of studies prove that smoking is unhealthy. There is a fine line between tobacco companies selling their product and forcing it into the publics mouths when it is clear that many are more than willing to pay for tobacco. Although tobacco advertising can negatively influence young people, the government should not ban tobacco companies from advertising in media because they are trying to influence better choices, go by the…show more content…
"Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising" provides data showing tobacco companies may just have greedy intentions. According to the article, "Other companies have also produced cigarettes and smokeless products with flavors similar to those found in candy, such as berry, mint, and cherry" ("Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising"). Anti tobacco advocates argue that tobacco companies are using certain flavors that would appeal to a younger audience. They believe tobacco companies put out attractive flavors with the intention of luring in children to either want or buy these products in the future. "Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising" also gives a statistic on what children suffer from when they start this detrimental habit. According to the author, "The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids estimates that 6,281 kids became…show more content…
Tobacco companies are not trying to persuade new customers, but are aiming towards persuading smokers into a different brand. It is shown that tobacco companies true intent is to go against their competitors and "Tobacco Advertising Does Influence Youth" addresses the theory with stating the following, "The primary purpose of cigarette ads, like automobile ads, is to persuade consumers to switch from one manufacturer to another" ("Tobacco Advertising Does Not..."). Tobacco advertisements are like automotive advertisements in the sense that they are trying to get customers to switch brands more than bring in new customers. Tobacco is addictive, but trying to get the consumers to make healthier choices when using the product is a goal of the producers. In "Tobacco Advertising Does Not Influence Youths" studies taken show scientists have found about a different form of cigarettes "By 1957, scientists had confirmed the benefit of low-tar cigarettes" ("Tobacco Advertising Does Not..."). Low-tar cigarettes were proven to be a healthier approach to tobacco by scientists. With this information it shows that tobacco companies are trying to make an effort to make tobacco healthier for consumers. Tobacco companies are trying to beat their competitors and bring in better tobacco, not lure children, so they should be allowed to
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