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  • Blue Crabs

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    The scientific name given to the blue crab was derived from Latin and Greek: Calli, beautiful; nectes, swimmer; and sapidus, savory. Thus, a literal transition might be the beautiful savory swimmer. The blue crab is an important and interesting species. The blue crab is a species whose life history involves a complex cycle of planktonic, nektonic, and benthic stages which occur throughout the marine environment in a variety of habitats. The blue crab is one of the more abundant estuarine invertebrates

  • Crabs For The Crabber

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    Crabs For the Crabber Would you like to learn how to make around two hundred dollars a day for going out in the boat and crabbing for a few hours? Once you gain the experience of a commercial crabber, you can earn as much as you want. All it takes is a little time and effort to learn the basic steps, and, of course, the love of the water. For the last two years, I have kept the books for my boyfriend's crabbing business. I helped him from the beginning when we purchased the traps to today, when

  • Crab Nebula

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    Crab Nebula Looking up at the night sky you see stars lying on a never-ending dark blanket. It is within this “blanket”, called the interstellar medium, that new stars are formed. The interstellar medium consists of 99% gas and about 1% dust particles. Hydrogen is the predominant gas in both atomic and molecular forms. While being the place where stars are born, the interstellar medium also creates beautiful nebulae. A reflection nebula is created when light from a nearby star reflects from the

  • Examples Of Crab Mentality

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    In a school-based experience, Crab Mentality can trigger bullying. It is said that one of the specific reasons for bullying is because of jealousy ( The problem with this is that jealousy can come from a whole wavelength of factors. It may be from a child’s intelligence, strong moral code, creativity and artistic gifts, or his/her athletic abilities. Because of the jealousy of the bully, he/she will resort to bullying, so that he/she to make himself/herself higher than the victim

  • Blue Swimming Crabs

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    Blue swimming crabs are an important source of income for fishermen in the Malaysia, also known as ‘ketam bunga’ or ‘ketam renjong’ in the name of the local. The high price and increased demands in among community will cause the over-exploitation in production of blue swimming crabs. In 2003, total landings for P. pelagicus were approximately 175,000 tons and decrease to 165,000 tons in 2004 (FAO Fish Stat, 2009). This decline from over-exploitation has an impact in some Asian countries (Ikhwanuddin

  • Crab Shell Analysis

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    Structure of Crab shells The exoskeleton of the crab shells contains three distinct layers namely epicutile, exocuticle and endo cuticle. Generally, the exoskeleton has a high degree of mineralization, typically calcium carbonate as main constituent, in some case calcium phosphate. In exoskeleton, chitin fibrils are wrapped with proteins forms a form of fibers which is assembled further into a bundle of fibers in the exoskeleton. In addition to that, the calcium carbonate in the form of calcite

  • Analysis Of The Boiling Crab

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    whether the sales of the choosing location will be good or not? Although the Boiling Crab is in the growth stage, it still has to focus on new locations that the owner plan to extend to these areas. As I mentioned in the introduction, the owner plans to open the Boiling Crab in four new locations soon. Referring to the assignment2, the benchmarking of successful location may guide the owner of the Boiling Crab to select the location with the same group of customers. This is a very logical way to

  • Floridian Lifestyle at the Crab Shack

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    Floridian Lifestyle at Pinchers’ Crab Shack Nestled between a dilapidated pet shop and a mass-produced chain store lies Pinchers’ Crab Shack, a local dive of free spirits in the wilds of the stubborn and pompous Naples area. As Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” blares from a weathered jukebox nestled next to cases of unopened beer in a corner, the various smells of salt, frying foods, and vinegar assaults one’s senses. It is here in this atmosphere that Florida is truly found. Pinchers’ is

  • Analysis Of Heron Bhagat And Crab The Crane And The Crab Panchatantra

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    Heron Bhagat and Crab The Crane and the Crab Panchatantra Story in Hindi 0 Nisheeth Ranjan Edit this post There was a very large pond in a forest region. Due to having food content in it for every kind of organism, there used to be many species of living beings, birds, fish, turtles, and other people. Neighbors were nearby, who did not like to work hard. His eyes were also weak To catch the fish, it has to work harder, which it did. Therefore, he is often hungry due to laziness. Standing

  • Essay On King Crab

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    Alaskan King Crab essay is to acknowledge readers about the different types of king crabs and their backgrounds. King crabs pop up a lot in out country and everyone should be informed of their personal details. These crabs are commonly described by their physical appearance, ecosystem, and history. If king crabs are continually being fished throughout the years then they will start to decrease in population because of the amounts being taken. There are three types of the Alaskan King Crabs. The red king