Authoritarian Parenting Research Paper

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How were you raised when you were younger? Where your parents more strict or more lenient? The way a person is raised, shapes how children are now, and later in life. Parenting styles differ from parent to parent. They could be authoritative, which is a bit more lenient, or authoritarian, which is the complete opposite. Authoritarian parenting has the most negative effects on children than any other types of parenting. There are certain traits that authoritarian parents have, there are more negative effects than positive effects, and there are studies shown on children living in authoritarian households. The question is, what is authoritarian parent? Authoritarian parents are generally have strict rules that they expect their children to …show more content…

A study done on adolescence in America conclude that teen with authoritarian parents were the least likely to feel socially accepted by their peers, and were also rated as less self reliant. On American middle-aged adults, those who remember authoritarian parenting showed signs of depression. In Spain and Brazil, studies have reported that teens from authoritarian homes had lower self-esteem. Researchers in Germany found that teens from authoritarian homes, seemed to have more anxiety. They were also more likely to experience depersonalization which is the feeling of watching oneself act without being in control of one’s actions. In china, children with more strict parents had trouble regulating their emotions. Even though there are numerous negative effects of authoritarian parenting, there are some positive effects as well. Children who have strict parents tend to do better in school. When they grow older, they may be obedient and responsible citizens. They have advanced safety, which means that they are more protected. They may have a better respect for authority, because of the strict regime at home. . These children will more likely know and have clear standards. They also how learn to follow orders. Those seem to be the only positive effects of this type of parenting

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