Assimilation in the United States

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Our country is acclaimed for its endless ability to integrate. Whether it occurred in the early 1900s when desegregation occurred in Topeka middle school, or how we have integrated every nationality to every ethnicity and have been renown as the melting pot. In every aspect of how our country has come to what we know as United States, there is a simple integration that occurred to create what we are today. Assimilation is a positive force when it is necessary, it is needed in our companies, to our marriages, and we alongside the media are the causes of these types of assimilation; Americans tendency for assimilation will remain a beneficiary factor so long as we do not loose our individuality in the process.

Assimilation is a force that is unstoppable. Americans do it on a daily basis without the time to contemplate whether to assimilate or not. Assimilation also keeps our world turning; it is the basis of agreement and understanding. As we assimilate we understand that through conforming this will create a strong unit. When working with a company, conformation is needed. To move as a unit, and to be displayed as a unit is any company's desire. Why would any prestigious company want to be displayed as disorganized? Or have employees that cannot work or agree with one another? It is a characteristic that is needed in every person, the ability to work as a unit, and become a team player. Through assimilation, teamwork is established and is learned. Teamwork is the basis of any company, and through teamwork the company will thrive as one unit.

Teamwork is the foundation of many different areas in our lives. Not only is it necessary in the workforce, but more than ever necessary in our marriages. Marriages should be based on assimilation through compromise and understanding. Through this compromise and understanding for one another, this leads to the peace that is needed in every household. To assimilate in marriage is to converge two different opinions and come to a midpoint agreement. This is a positive force, the force where both is letting go of their strong beliefs through their vows of love for one another, to come to the understanding that conforming as one unit will help them succeed through strenuous times. If the result of assimilation in a marriage is peace, then this is one characteristic that marriages today need more than ever.
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