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Human Resources Issues Communication Issues - Behaviors of Employees: the employees’ behavior is very crucial and very important to an organization. High performance of employees’ inside organization is attributed to a balance between work, environment and personal life. - Staff Hiring: the organization must take into consideration the needed qualifications, skills, knowledge and experiences while recruiting new employees’. - Staff development: in any organization, there should be a list of methods guiding how to motivate and develop staff. The staff performance can be developed by training. The evaluation of each employee can reflect in the organization goals achievement, performance, , assumptions and preferences. - Career Opportunities: evolving the labor market through the provision of job opportunities in various fields. If the organizations succeed in recruiting employees’ of different backgrounds and with different qualifications, the working processes can be operated smoothly and correctly. - Training: is an important tool for the company to develop their employees’. The training can be done through two ways: (1) Internal training by assign employees’ with a strong work background and experience to train their workmates. (2) External training, to send employees’ to external training institutes. This will enhance their way of doing specific works, solving work problems, taking decisions, working in team, etc. Also, nowadays, the organizations started to move from traditional to digital work environment by installing various software’s and technological programs. To avoid downsides in operating the work, the staff should be trained to deal with such of software’s. - Internal Communication: a successful busines... ... middle of paper ... convergent tactics with more logical aspects and structured rules to reach the idea objectives. 2- To avoid any arise conflict between them, assure the need of building knowledge between the two approaches as each tactic complementary to each other. 3- It’s important to analyze the problem and its required solutions to figure out what tactic to use, first, to start implementing the decision which may solve the issue. 4- The people in divergent approach look for problems rather than solving them, examples: innovators while the people in the convergent approach in favor of solving issues, challenges and/or problems. So, to solve the company’s issue it’s better to assign different tasks between the two tactics according to their experiences. 5- Allow opportunities for both approaches to generate new ideas. As well, to participate equally in the company’s projects.

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