Asian Carp vs the Great Lakes

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The possibility of Asian carp entering the Great Lakes is a huge problem that is expensive and time consuming to solve. The U.S. Army Corp. of engineers is currently assessing possible barriers to keep the Asian carp out of the waters of the Great Lakes ( At the moment the huge fish are being kept out of the Great Lakes by using electric fences ( These are affective for now but they have failed to some extent, since Asian carp DNA has already been found in Lake Michigan. The Asian carp pose a serious threat to the economy of Michigan and neighboring states as well as the natural environment. If the government does not act quickly then these terrifying fish will invade the Great Lakes.

Asian carp were first imported to the United States from Southeast Asia in the 1970’s in order to filter pond water in Arkansas. They are actually three different species of carp, Black carp, Silver carp, and Bighead carp ( Silver carp can grow up to thirty-nine inches and sixty pounds. Bighead car are even larger, at sixty inches and one-hundred-ten pounds ( They have extremely sensitive ears due to a small bone connecting their swimming bladder to their inner ear called the Werberian apparatus ( Because of these sensitive ears they jump out of the water when startled. This makes them extremely dan...

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...t, but also the economy of Michigan and other states around the Great Lakes. The U.S. Army Corps of engineers has been researching possible solutions to the problem but if the government does not act fast, then 5 percent of the global market will be destroyed and a huge environment will be invaded. Life would be very different in states surrounding the Great Lakes if this terrible threat is not avoided.

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