Great Lakes Water Pollution

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The Great Lakes provide almost half the water for the residents of Ontario. The Great Lakes also provides water to residents in Thunder Bay, Port Hope, Sault St Marie, Niagara and many parts of The United States to name a few. With 70% of the Earth covered in water only 0.1% of it is clean accessible drinking water. The Great Lakes plays a major role in helping to provide water for people that live near the American/Canadian border. However this resource is being mistreated. Water pollution is a growing problem in the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes is being contaminated by pollutants that are released for direct and indirect sources without proper treatment. This is causing the lake to being polluted with harmful chemicals. By identifying the cause we can take initiative to help conserve the Great Lakes and to help restore it to its natural beauty.

Sources of Water Pollution

The first step in helping the Great Lakes is to identify the source of the pollution. If divided there are three main sources of water pollution; point source pollution, nonpoint source pollution and air pollution. These three sources contribute to the pollution of the Great Lakes.

Point Source Pollution

With Point Source Pollution the pollutants are coming directly from one known source. This source is usually an industry (such as a factory) that releases its garbage into the lake. This garbage could range from water from employee bathrooms to animal carcasses all the way to toxic chemicals and oils from machines. Having the source of the pollution known this source of pollution has been the easiest and quickest to stop. Nearly all Point Source Pollutants have been tracked down and have been regulated since 1972. Because of...

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