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A Statement of Purpose: Kytana Priebe Applicant for Fall 2016 Before I graduated from college, an art therapist saved my life. She helped me work through my diagnosis by utilizing poetry, collage, and freeform oil pastel drawings. Upon termination, art therapy had given me true healing. Today, I am thriving with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, applying to graduate school to follow my passion, and wearing my adversity as a badge of triumph. The healing power of art therapy provided me with an inside look at the difference an art therapist can make. Now I want to help individuals find their own healing through art. Additionally, I posses an insatiable interest in both art and psychology. The emerging field of art therapy synthesizes my true love of …show more content…

In college, I chose psychology courses as electives, which gave me a broad understanding of individuals’ behavior. By determining art therapy as the profession I wanted to pursue, I realized I could integrate my psychology interests with my passion for art, which ignited a passion for psychology. I then expanded my knowledge of psychological disorders and the spectrum of abnormalities within a disorder. My child development course taught me how all aspects of psychology are interrelated and inseparable. While I learned about behaviors of individuals, my appreciation of people as individuals grew. I now desperately want to provide therapy that focuses on the individual first. My counseling class provided me with basic tools, theories, a background of counseling, and the foundations of a professional identity. By following my interests and passions, I am far more knowledgeable, confident, and prepared for graduate …show more content…

The two-year program is rigorous and kept up to date, but because of my professional and academic experiences, I feel capable of handling the workload. After looking over both the readings and courses available, I am confident I will enjoy my classes and be able to utilize my knowledge and experience from internships to become a successful practitioner of art therapy. With the program’s overarching theme of “art is life,” I will be able to create meaningful work, promote positive change, and grow into the well-rounded professional art therapist that I have worked throughout my life to

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