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Art is a tool that can be useful when children are beginning to explore their surroundings and expand their imagination. As children grow, they develop skills that become practical to use while in school. Although art is vital in a child’s learning process, most parents aren’t aware of the benefits that come when their child is involved in art activities. It is up to the child’s parents to find a way to change and direct a path in order to help a child become successful. When children become involved in art activities, they obtain several skills that are vital for school and will be able to use for the rest of their life. A child’s success depends on the work a parent is willing to put in. There are times when parents want to be involved…show more content…
Art is a great tool that can be used to teach children math, science, and writing. When art is incorporated into their daily lives, they do better in these areas. For some children, it may be difficult to understand certain subjects in school. Doing art activities may serve as a bridge that a child mentally may use in order to understand a subject they are struggling with. The purpose of doing art activities would be to make a certain concept or idea easier to comprehend because they are able to relate to it in an artistic way. “For very young children, making art - or just talking about it- provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes and actions” (Lynch). According to author, Grace Lynch, children learn certain concepts while doing art from a young age. A child may enhance their vocabulary or overall knowledge of a certain area in school. When a child is practising different colors and shapes, they are able to express how they feel and are able to show it. Learning and practising numerous words expands the continuing knowledge of a child. They are able to recall certain colors and shapes which keeps enhancing the memory with repetitive words and sounds. This creates a memory process that a child can use to remember things in the…show more content…
Both of these skills are critical in order to be successful in the future. “Creative thinking and reasoning have been identified and highlighted as an essential twenty-first-century skill by many business, education, community and government leaders” (Robertson). Involving children in art activities furthers these skills and helps them manage situations in a productive way. They are able to look at situations and try to solve them without becoming disappointed or frustrated. It is pivotal that a child learns how to think critically and thoroughly in order to get the best results out of a problem. Lynch wrote that “According to a report by Americans for the Arts, art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills” Both of these skills correlate with each other because it is required to think in different perspectives. Children who obtain these skills are more likely to be recognized in achieving success during

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