Art Movement Of Harlem And After- School Art

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The outburst of creativity among African-Americans occurred in every aspect of art. This cultural movement became The New Harlem from 1917-1930 went through a cultural change, a rejuvenation of sorts. This change would bring about African-Americans pride and creativity in all forms of arts, a Renaissance. One of the focuses would be on the importance of education in the visual arts; some of the greatest African-American artists in American history will come out of the Harlem Renaissance, artists such as Charles Alston, Charles White, Aaron Douglas, Joshua Johnson, Palmer Hayden, Augusta Savage and many more. These artists created an art movement in Harlem and after- school art programs, they taught classes to both kids and adults. This allowed the Harlem community to have enriching art experience that would have never existed in the south. This artistic explosion would reach beyond the barrels of Harlem and contribute to the cultural development of African American people. Art was a key component of the Harlem Renaissance movement; the belief was that art was an essential to the education of young children, teaching them the creative process and problem solving skills, giving them a platform to express freely their creative ability. While learning the skills to draw paint and sculpt and in turn using those skills to create artwork of the world as they saw it. A young artist by the name of Jacob Lawrence attended one of these after school art classes taught by Harlem Renaissance artist Charles Alston, Lawrence would later go on to create one of the most influential art series in American art history. His paintings of the migration series depicted the plight of both Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. These series of 60 painting... ... middle of paper ... ...taking pride in the their beauty, in what some called the black pride movement, as James Brown said, said it loud I am black and proud. In the second part of this poem Hughes say “The stars are beautiful, So the eyes of my people (Bloom 38). These parts of this poem expresses his believe in the souls of a person, “stars are beautiful” references the fact how bright the soul of is person. Even when we do not see stars, if our views of them are obstructed, they are there; theirs light still shines bright no matter what covers them up. “So the eyes of my people”, this part of poem references the internal light of a person, you cannot see what makes a person on the inside, their outer appearance has nothing to do with the internal goals. The eyes are a window to the soul, through the eyes of a person, you can sometimes see their deepest inhibitions and what drives them.

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