Aristotle And Hobbes And Aristotle's Nature Of Law

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Aristotle’s nature of law appealed to me the most because he defines the cultivation of virtues that achieve full potential in life. Aristotle’s theory of happiness had a process of exercising a moral life in order to reach genuine eudaemonia, which means, “actively exercising the soul’s powers”. The fulfillment of the self, allowed a person to strengthen their system of morals and values to practice a “good” life. Your whole persona should life a live with integrity, never conflicting your happiness with false satisfaction. As one develop a solid set of morals and beliefs, and then one can create a path of righteousness that will benefit the value of character. As one lives life, one is able to adjust their view of happiness due to the experience…show more content…
Aristotle believes that humans are essentially good; therefore, they are more likely to achieve their full potential as good people, whereas Hobbes believe in fighting against original sin. The social contract is the opposite of Aristotle’s philosophy of humans being born essentially good. Hobbes’ state of nature considers humans as selfish and destructive beings that need must be tamed in order to survive; otherwise, chaos is bound to strike. Hence why I agree with Aristotle’s philosophy of exercising and cultivating the values that we originally possess. As one matures, one is capable of reasoning the quality we need in order to become incorporated into society. Humans are flawed, but the building of good character can lead to natural companionship instead of obeying man made laws in order to improve the quality of life. I too believe that man can form an organized society for their mutual benefit. Relationships enhance our virtues as one forms self-identity based on…show more content…
Confucius has influenced my social justice point of view because I believe that if people practiced their own virtues, then the world will coexist in harmony. Humanity will considerate of other’s well-being, uniting countries, disposing of evil. Society must recognize people’s virtues instead of penalizing humanity for their flaws. Confucius highlights the virtues of humanity, believing that they possess the characteristics to live in a society free of harm or judgement. Human nature consists in instinct virtues of survival, but Confucius also believes that they are not all bad, just poorly dominated by political authority figures. The Chinese philosopher aspired that his teachings liberated his country, whereas society restraints natural state. Individual’s rebel against laws that interfere with happiness, therefore humans are less likely to experience happiness, and if dared to challenge policy makers then one are punished. Confucius focuses on the qualities of a human being naturally virtuous, whereas society sees it as chaotic herd waiting to
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