Aristotle And Aristotle: Aristotelian Vs. Aristotle

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Aristotelian or Platonist
Contemplating whether one is born an Aristotelian or a Platonist is no easy task due to the fact that one may seem to relate to both classes to some degree. In order to arrive at a definite assumption of which class I am actually a part of, I pondered the idea of myself in relation to the views of Aristotle and Plato.
Since Aristotle was a student of Plato, there are definitely some similarities between the two. Both of them attempted to describe what it means to be virtuous as a human being. Possessing virtue as a human is a necessity in life and determines how we behave towards ourselves and others. Acting on and reacting to the circumstances of life is how we spend our time here on Earth. The virtues that we possess
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Aristotle, unlike Plato, is not concerned with perfecting society. Rather than produce a blueprint for the perfect society, Aristotle suggested, in his work, The Politics, that the society itself should reach for the best possible system that could be attained .This contradicts Plato’s theory of one ruling class controlling the political power and all decisions that affect the entire society. Plato and Aristotle alike were two men who had ideas on ways to improve existing…show more content…
Although I do not totally agree with every aspect of his views, there are some firm beliefs that I agree with on a larger scale than I do with Aristotle. Upon examination of my belief system in relation to Plato’s, it appears that I am more of an abstract thinker. I believe that I possess the ability to see beyond basic objects and appreciate the artistic gestures that an object or form represents. I am also inclined to agree with Plato in the fact that there is a higher being and that the soul is capable of succeeding from life to death to life again. I firmly believe in the four cardinal virtues and that all human beings have the ability to use every virtue for good or evil purposes. Although I am more inclined to relate to Plato than Aristotle, I do agree with Aristotle’s idea of maintaining the mean. I do believe that each individual is in control of their own happiness and that a certain level of control must be utilized when it comes to
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