Arguments for God's Existence

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A dictionary definition of God is a being conceived of as

supernatural, immortal, and having special powers over the lives and

affairs of people and nature. Along with many other individuals

throughout the world, believe in the existence of higher human being

otherwise known as God. Therefore I am defending the existence of God.

There are really only two arguments in favor of the existence of God.

One comes from reason and the other from experience. The argument from

reason is an ontological argument. It is based upon the assumption

that something had to create all that is around us. The idea that god

is the most perfect being imaginable.

The arguments from experience are based upon one of several

approaches. These include Teleological, Cosmological, and the moral

argument. The teleological argument is based upon a different type of

assumption, namely that science has shown us the universe is an

orderly design, not confusion and chaos. This argument is based upon

the results of our experience. I believe that in order for something

or someone to exist there has to be a creator. For whatever the item

maybe wither it's a house or a watch, the existence of a carpenter or

a watchmaker had to be present at some point in time. Like Voltaire

then said "but if the universe does not prove the existence of a great

Architect (God), then I consent to be called a fool." I as well can be

called a fool, due to the fact that I believe that this statement

makes perfect sense, due to the fact that someone supernatural and

having special powers is the only being capable of making this


There are several famous arguments for the existence of God. The

argument from the First Cause maintains that since in the world every

effect has its cause behind it, the first effect in the world must

have had its cause, which was in itself both cause and effect. The

cosmological argument maintains that since the world, and all that is
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