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Salt is the topic and there is lots of evidence that too much salt, which is sodium in your diet is dangerous for your health according to NZ Nutrition Foundation (2013) this is because a high sodium diet will increase your chances of getting high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. The World Health Organisation has a requirement to reduce at people consume because it is confirmed that Sodium is a contributor to early deaths globally according to the World Health Organisation (2013). People do require a small amount of Sodium in there diet, however not at the rates currently being consumed by the population today as confirmed by the NZ Nutrition Foundation (2013) and the recommended amount for men and women
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The target audience is Parents and people who do the supermarket shopping because they are not only responsible for their own health they dictate the health of their children and family members health according to Payne and Niculescu (2012), because it is the shoppers food choices that affect how others eat. Supermarkets need to intervene, as this is a reliable channel to get shoppers to think twice before they purchase unhealthy food choices. Shoppers are normally time constricted or rushing to get through the shopping and this may influence there decisions to buy food, also the fact that it is not easy to figure out what packaging food labels mean, therefore shoppers tend look at the labelling on the front of packages and see short inaccurate messages and make the decisions based on those messages. The best way to get parents or shoppers to make healthier decisions is by supermarkets taking a direct approach to shoppers to buy more healthy food, this would be by discounting and providing cheaper costs on the low sodium foods, and higher prices on high sodium food, and to advertise and encourage fruit and vegetable purchasing in the supermarket as this was the confirmed effective way to get people to buy healthy, and there was no effect on education or social…show more content…
My message is to convey that when you are buying for others your family doesn’t get to choose their health outcome and that they are responsible for other people’s health.
High blood pressure in New Zealand are high According to Heart Foundation (2010) 1 of 7 adults are on medication and it is increasing, High blood pressure contributes to other conditions such as heart disease and stroke which is the highest rate of death in new Zealand. The Stroke Foundation New Zealand (2006) confirms that If everyone would reduce there salt by a minimum of 2.9g then this would according to WHO reduce the number of deaths by strokes of 22% and for cardiovascular disease at 16% this is a good reason for the reduction in salt worldwide. By reducing sodium consumption it would reduce blood pressure rates which account to 282 deaths each year and by saving on medication which costs pharmac $79.51 million (Heart Foundation.

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